I Needed Tree Work Done Quickly

When I bought the house where I live now, I was not happy with the yard at all. Thankfully, I could see past the mess that it was prior to buying it. Another good thing about it is that I was able to negotiate a lower price because I knew I would need to hire a Nassau County tree service to come in and help me with the tree problems. The major issue were the tree stumps that were there. It looked like maybe the previous owner had cut down the trees himself, because the stumps did not look like what a professional tree person had handled.

They were a bit tall even for tree stumps, and they had something growing on them. It did not look healthy at all, but I had no way of knowing what it was other than something that might be mold.…

 Windows through the ages: The design trends that have shaped the industry

Windows play an integral part in the way your house looks, both inside and out. Developments in window technology over the last 60 years have informed design, construction and aesthetics for both new-builds and the re-modelling of old windows. Advances in this arena ensure that windows are not just pleasing to the eye but practical and efficient too.

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Float Glass

The 1950s saw Alistair Pilkington get the idea for float glass whilst observing a dinner plate floating in his sink. He developed the method of floating glass over a bed of molten tin, which produces uniform thickness and flatter surfaces.

Insulating Glass

Double glazing, as it is more widely known, originated in the 1950s. Two or three panes are welded together with a gas-filled space in between. Insulating glass has played a huge role in energy-efficiency. The Energy Saving Trust recommends insulated glass to keep your home warm …

So Many Reasons to Play Netball

Netball is sure to enjoy a resurgence in popularity after the wonderful success of the England team at the 2018 Commonwealth Games a few days ago. Aside from that success, netball is a great sport to get involved and here are some of the many reasons you should get involved:

  1. You’ll have tons of fun and it’s a good way to improve your co-ordination skills. Enjoy a wide variety of warm up activities such as the ones seen in Netball Training drill videos at https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Netball/drills.jsp
  2. Increase your overall competitiveness whilst learning from qualified trainers and coaches.
  3. Make new friends who share the same interests and learn to work together as a team.
  4. Keep in shape, increase your fitness levels and help maintain a healthy weight.
  5. Benefit from learning lifelong skills and boost your self-esteem/confidence.
  6. Exercise helps to reduce stress and strengthens focus which you can apply in the workplace or

Should you choose electricity or gas to heat your home?

It is hard to know whether to heat your home with gas or electricity. While gas is cheaper, there are other factors to consider.

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Are gas boilers reliable?

A brand-new gas boiler is only 90 per cent efficient, while electric radiators are 100 per cent efficient; however, each unit of gas costs a lot less than a unit of electricity. While boilers are not completely efficient, the overall cost is still less than electric radiators.

Can you access mains gas?

Many people in the UK can’t access the gas grid due to their location. In this case, LPG gas is used and is a lot more expensive.

If you can’t access mains gas, it may be more cost-effective to use heating oil for your home. This is cheaper to use than LPG and is easily sourced. People have also been turning to biomass as an alternative to gas …

How in-store music can increase sales

There are many ways in which music can influence your customers. Music can have a positive effect on your sales when done right, however, done incorrectly it can affect your sales negatively. When researching into whether your store should play music, and more importantly, what music should be played for the desired effect, consider the following rules:

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Music creates a customer experience

Music plays a vital role in the way a customer experiences their surroundings. It is hard to measure the impact In store Music has on visitors but there is no denying that it can affect the way in which a customer responds to their experience.

Know the music you’re playing is legal

It is illegal to play music from Pandora unless you have a Pandora business account. In addition, you need a performance licence to play music from the radio and without one of these you …

5 Easter marketing ideas for restaurants

For most businesses there are peaks and troughs in trade and they vary from industry to industry. In the restaurant trade, events such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are busy times along with the Christmas and Easter periods.

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These peak trading periods can make or break a business and it’s crucial that restaurants maximise these revenue opportunities. So, here are some marketing ideas for restaurants for the Easter holidays.

Themed menus

Holidays such as Easter provide restaurants with the opportunity to prepare special themed menus, whether that includes bunny-shaped desserts or Easter-inspired cocktails. The possibilities are endless if you think creatively!

Afternoon tea can be vamped up by replacing scones with hot cross buns and sponge cakes with a Simnel alternative. Traditional beef for Sunday lunch can be replaced with ham or lamb, which are more traditional at Easter. For the children, there are any number of …

An introduction to the double-breasted jacket

When you think about the double-breasted jacket, you might have one of two common assumptions: mafia bosses or royalty. They’re not suitable for every man to wear, that’s for sure. In reality, that assumption – while perhaps a little true – is not universal. The double-breasted jacket is an unsung hero of the men’s fashion world and has origins and uses that might just surprise you.

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From Humble Beginnings

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You might have noticed that Prince Charles has a great preference for wearing this style of jacket, but it’s not just the royals who have chosen to add this jacket to their arsenal. Originally, it was a wardrobe staple of the British navy, but for much more practical reasons. Back in the colonisation period, British men were circumnavigating the globe in the harshest of weather conditions. The wind blew from every direction, and the troops needed …

Ideas for keeping laminate warm in cold weather

Laminate flooring is easy to maintain and durable. Compared with other flooring options, it is affordable whilst matching the quality of more expensive materials.

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The only disadvantage of laminate flooring is that it is temperature-absorbent; however, there are ways to keep your flooring warm in cold weather.


Rugs are an inexpensive and simple solution to keeping your flooring warm. You can buy hall-runner rugs for hallways and landings, whilst sheepskin or shaggy rugs work well in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating will keep your floors warm throughout the winter. This is like other heating systems, as it works on an adjustable timer; however, underfloor heating is expensive to install and will raise your heating bills.


Placing cork, rubber and other insulating materials under your laminate flooring will help to keep it warm. The underlying flooring will assist in sealing the heat in a …

Denture Adhesive Options

Denture adhesives help improve comfort and keep your dentures firmly held in position. There are various kinds of denture adhesives available and it really comes down to personal preference in deciding which to opt for. Let the dentists at Clover Hills Dental explain.

Types of Denture Adhesive

Manufacturers have produced different products that aim to help denture stability. Below are popular examples:

Cream – a commonly used denture adhesive, also known as denture “glue”.

Wafers – cover the entire fitting surface. You need to purchase separate sheets for upper and lower sets.

Strips – the same with wafers but are smaller.

Powder – combines with saliva to produce a paste in the mouth.

How to Use Them

Since there are various types of denture adhesives, make sure to read the label before buying one so you can get the best out of it. Below are a few guidelines to help …

Procurement Strategy – Top 10 Tips  For Beginning Category Management

Category Management is definitely  an approach to procurement that groups together items that either have similar faculties or are sourced from similar supply areas. These categories  of invest are then managed being  a complete value string (from person towards the cheapest tier companies) using  the objectives of reducing costs, increasing service and stimulating innovation. Here  are ten strategies  for kick-starting your category management programme.

  1. Get a senior management mandate. The category administration approach will in all likelihood be different to the approach your organization currently takes. This will include modification so when with any modification effort it is essential you will get a mandate from senior management who can then assist direct policy and eliminate any organisational barriers you may find.
  2. Develop the scope. The kick off point for category administration is to get an obvious picture of everything you presently invest. Developing  a invest cube (a database that lets
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