There are many ways in which music can influence your customers. Music can have a positive effect on your sales when done right, however, done incorrectly it can affect your sales negatively. When researching into whether your store should play music, and more importantly, what music should be played for the desired effect, consider the following rules:

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Music creates a customer experience

Music plays a vital role in the way a customer experiences their surroundings. It is hard to measure the impact In store Music has on visitors but there is no denying that it can affect the way in which a customer responds to their experience.

Know the music you’re playing is legal

It is illegal to play music from Pandora unless you have a Pandora business account. In addition, you need a performance licence to play music from the radio and without one of these you are infringing copyright laws. The legality of the music you are playing is paramount, as it will cost your business money if you get sued.

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Brand your music

When considering the genre of music to play in your store, consider the audience. There is no point playing chart music if you are selling vintage furniture, this will not engage your customers. Correctly branded music can influence buying decisions and increase the likelihood of returning customers. For more guidance on this topic see

Advertising in between songs

Having branded messages in between songs breaks up the music and creates a natural radio station. These messages can help promote your business. Studies have shown that 42% of buyers will buy an additional product due to the advertising between songs.

Improving customer and staff happiness

A happy customer is more likely to buy. Creating the right atmosphere with music helps enhance the emotional well being of potential customers, increasing the chances of them buying your product. The same can be noted for your staff – if your staff are happy then they will be more helpful, which will encourage customers to buy. Additional hints can be found at

Hearing can be subconscious, with imagery the onlooker can close their eyes but you cannot close your ears. Music is the way to people’s hearts and can influence their choices. Keep this in mind when branding the music in your store to maximise turnover.