Small business makes up a large proportion of the workforce in the UK and also contributes large amounts to the economy. It can be tough though knowing where to start in your business and where to find the help and support that you need. Let’s take a look at how business telephone companies can help you and if you are a telephone company yourself and having been looking at ways to increase your offering or perhaps you have been searching for wholesale azvoip termination on the internet, it would be worth you getting into contact with .

Here are some of the features that you can request from your telephone service business that can help your small business on a day to day basis

  • Call forwarding – you can have your calls automatically forwarded to different telephones number, whether this might be to a virtual assistant during your busy periods, a call answering service during your closed office hours or to your mobile whilst you are away on holiday, so you can keep an eye on things.

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  • Conference calling – If you often have to speak to more than one person at a time about the same project why not utilise a conference call facility and have one conversation with all parties involved and save yourself some time.
  • Voice to email – Having voicemails converted into text and sent across to you in an email is a great time saver. You can scan through the emails and reply to those ones that are urgent and then email across the details to other members of staff to deal with accordingly.
  • Hold Music – Having music playing whilst your customers are on hold is a great way to provide an extra touch to your telephone system. It is important though to make sure that you carefully select the music based on the types of customers that your business attracts and also pick a variety as there is nothing worse than being on hold listening to the same piece of music on a loop over and over again.

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  • Headset capability – If you are on the telephone a lot whilst trying to work on a computer it is worth adding on the facility to have a headset linked to your telephone. This can also help if you are not always right next to your traditional telephone handset.

That has given you a few ideas of how a business telephone company can help you make the most of your telephone system and can help you grow your business whilst enabling you to still stay in contact with current and prospective customers.