A Londoner who founded a chain of glamorous hotels in the UK for cats has revealed plans to expand the chain abroad.

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Longcroft Hotel

Famous for serving felines with the finest slow-cooked chicken, prawns and salmon on bone china alongside paw massages from vet-trained staff, Longcroft was founded by Abi Purser in 2010.

Owners are caring for their pets like never before, with recent statistics showing premier pet food sales are surging.

High-end pampering for pets has risen steadily during the past decade, with cat cafes launching in cities such as London, Leeds and Manchester alongside successful pug cafes.

Health-foods for dogs have skyrocketed in popularity, alongside pet vegan treats.

First launched from her property in Welwyn Garden City, Purser has gone on to sell 17 franchises extending from Romford to Enfield and beyond the commuter belt.

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14 guests can stay at a time in the sound-proofed and temperature-controlled bedrooms at the hotel, which have private play areas and bespoke cat-sized wrought-iron beds.

Cats are served cuisine from an ‘A La Cat’ menu which offers the finest food, and cat owners pay between £17 to £23 for a single room.

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Chain Expansion

Longcroft began as a home for Purser’s rescue cat, Norman, and was initially designed to be just one hotel. At the time, she had no idea about franchising, but during their first Christmas in trade, 300 people requested that their cats be booked into the luxury hotel.

A former horse carer on the Great Britain Equestrian Olympic team and a dedicated animal lover, Abi Purser still owns the business and lives at the original venue.

She recently opened the fourth Longcroft hotel in London, situated in Croydon, as well as a franchise in Barry Island, Wales. This is the first franchise not based in England, and every guest will appreciate a sea view.

Longcroft opened the first franchise in 2014 in St Albans and has grown the chain steadily thanks to customer demand due to their cat welfare ethos.

The chain plans to expand further and beyond Britain in the next five years. Longcroft are aiming to become the first global cat hotel franchise, with the possibility of expanding into dog hotels on the horizon.