The UK certainly is a country obsessed with home ownership and DIY! It is estimated that the cost of home improvements over the past five years sits around the £50bn figure, which would equate to around £8,000 per home!

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With the property market being notoriously difficult to navigate, first time buyers are forced to purchase fixer-uppers that require a serious amount of work. With a lot of aging homes on the market, even houses that have the big jobs done still leave room for some tweaks here and there to help homeowners add a few quid to the resale value.

What are the most popular projects?

The job that is often the most accessible to homeowners without a trades background or advanced DIY skills is decorating. Most people are able to do a reasonable job of giving their walls, doors and skirts a lick of paint, so it is no surprise that this job is the most popular project to take on. Other jobs that are currently highly popular amongst homeowners are new flooring, re-landscaping their gardens and refreshing the bathrooms. Jobs such as a new kitchen are a lot more expensive and can cause some upheaval to be without the kitchen during the work, so whilst still a very popular improvement, features slightly lower down the list.

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Another popular project is to install new double glazing. This not only improves the re-sale value of your property and improves the look of your home; it also provides an excellent return on investment to improve the energy efficiency of the property to reduce bills. If you are looking for double glazing in Cheltenham it is worth taking this in to account when considering home improvement options.

What costs are involved?

Whilst a number of projects will set homeowners back a considerable sum, it is still likely to cost less than moving home. Average costs of new kitchens are over £5,500, new conservatories usually cost around £5,000 and a brand new garage will also cost an average of around £4,500. This is another reason to consider options to install new double glazing in Cheltenham or surrounding areas, as costs can be considerably less and seriously reduce your bills.

Furthermore, new double glazing can also keep the noise out if you are near busy roads or industrial areas, so that’s a further bonus.