One place that I’ve always been self consciouses about is my stomach. There is always a bit of fat on my stomach, no matter how much exercise I do. I thought about getting some liposuction done, but I was scared of having something stuck into my body to suck fat out. I learned about a different technique for getting rid of fat that was being offered at one of the clinics for medical aesthetics in Singapore. The technique uses cold temperatures to make fat go away without the need of any invasive surgery or suction. There were reports that said that one session of the technique could result in a loss of 20% of fat in an area.

One of my friends told me about the technique, which lead me to looking into whether the clinic offered the treatment. After making an appointment to see the doctors at the clinic, I was examined and the doctors formed a plan for how they would use the technique to remove the excess fat on my stomach. They had a machine that looked similar to the ones that are used in an ultrasound. They put the machine on my stomach and I giggled when I felt the cold temperature from it.

I got more treatments and the excess fat on my stomach was gone. Given how well it worked, I decided to get some more treatments on other parts of my body. There were some fatty areas on my thighs and arms that were bothering me. My arms would always have a funny jiggle when I moved them around, and my legs had visible areas of cellulite. I’m amazed at how far medical technology has come. The technique that was done to me is something that I could only imagine happening in a science fiction movie.