Whilst spectators think that good football skills lie entirely with strength, speed and skills, the hardest thing about playing football is endurance. In order to play for a full 90 minute game and stay as strong at the end as you started is incredibly tough and is why players will work on their stamina and endurance as much as their skills and fitness levels. As a coach, you may want to look into football drills which focus on endurance, so start with these four simple endurance drills.

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The Dribble and Run

This is a great beginners’ drill. As with all endurance drills, it focuses on a run and rest theory. Start on a touchline and dribble the ball across the pitch, then stop when you are parallel with the centre spot and leave the ball there as you run to the opposite touchline and back to the ball, dribble it back to your starting point. Before you go again, rest for the same amount of time that it took you to do the drill. The resting periods are important in order to allow the muscles to relax a little before beginning again.

Go Round the Pitch

This is an advanced endurance drill that shouldn’t be attempted by inexperienced or unfit players. Start at one corner flag and slowly jog the pitch perimeter. Next time, run as far as the halfway line at 70% of your top speed then jog the rest. Next time run at 70% of your top speed to the opposing corner flag and jog the second half. Repeat if possible.

Back and Forth

Begin by standing halfway between the goal and the centre spot. Your partner will be 10 yards from the centre spot, with the ball placed on the centre spot. Start by sprinting to the ball at the centre spot and passing it to your partner, then sprint back again all the way to the goal line where your partner will chip the ball for you to header it back before running back and switching it up.

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Cone Sprints

Lay down cones in a random pattern and give them each numbers. Put players into pairs and allow one to shout out a number for the runner to run to the corresponding cone. After ten shout outs, swap over allowing a rest for each player. This can be completed at a variety of paces.

As a coach, your job is about more than ordering Discount Football Kits from retailers such as www.kitking.co.uk/. It’s also about researching the best football drills that cover every sort of skill from scoring to endurance as well as providing opportunities for each of your players to advance their skills in their given playing position.

Hopefully these endurance drills will put your players’ stamina to the test and help them prepare for the next game.