Denture Adhesive Options

Denture adhesives help improve comfort and keep your dentures firmly held in position. There are various kinds of denture adhesives available and it really comes down to personal preference in deciding which to opt for. Let the dentists at Clover Hills Dental explain.

Types of Denture Adhesive

Manufacturers have produced different products that aim to help denture stability. Below are popular examples:

Cream – a commonly used denture adhesive, also known as denture “glue”.

Wafers – cover the entire fitting surface. You need to purchase separate sheets for upper and lower sets.

Strips – the same with wafers but are smaller.

Powder – combines with saliva to produce a paste in the mouth.

How to Use Them

Since there are various types of denture adhesives, make sure to read the label before buying one so you can get the best out of it. Below are a few guidelines to help …