When I bought the house where I live now, I was not happy with the yard at all. Thankfully, I could see past the mess that it was prior to buying it. Another good thing about it is that I was able to negotiate a lower price because I knew I would need to hire a Nassau County tree service to come in and help me with the tree problems. The major issue were the tree stumps that were there. It looked like maybe the previous owner had cut down the trees himself, because the stumps did not look like what a professional tree person had handled.

They were a bit tall even for tree stumps, and they had something growing on them. It did not look healthy at all, but I had no way of knowing what it was other than something that might be mold. I was able to get the lower price because I told them I was going to have to invest in the yard, which meant bringing out a professional tree service to help remove the stumps as well as prune the remaining trees because I knew that they could be beautiful once again.

Since I had the extra money from the price being lower, I decided to have the stumps removed before I even moved in. The realtor was able to recommend a great tree service to me, and they were able to remove the tree stumps in one day. They told me that the mold that was on them would not spread to the other trees, which they had pruned as well. When I went to the house to pay them, I could not believe the difference that it made. I knew that it would look better, but I was not expecting it to look like a showplace!