The Chinese Grand Prix is one of the most exciting circuits in the racing calendar. This year, we have enjoyed many interesting events. Here is a look at five key moments from the Chinese Grand Prix of 2018.

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1.      An Opening Upset

Although Mercedes looked likely to pull out all the stops and fly into the lead in China, Lewis Hamilton and the team have been disappointing and found it hard to recreate the magic from the opening round. Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, in contrast, look set to outshine for the rest of the racing season.

2.      Hamilton Lagging

Lewis Hamilton looks like he’s lost some of his previous form, and critics are saying he is getting weary. In Bahrain, he experienced an unfortunate gearbox change that led to a penalty. In China, he looked slow in qualifying and was outperformed by his teammates.

3.      Ricciardo Shining

Daniel Ricciardo is looking more promising than ever and is in great form. Despite engine blow-ups and electrical shutdowns, the Aussie driver performed well. Even though he is staying at Red Bull until the end of 2018, he might well have his pick of opportunities next year, with other options being Mercedes and Ferrari.

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4.      Vettel Mellowing

Sebastian Vettel managed to govern his emotions after an aggressive maneuver by Verstappen led to him dropping points in China. Vettel had been on course to do well here and showed great composure, readily accepting Verstappen’s apology. This was quite a surprise as Vettel is known for his emotional outbursts, so perhaps he is mellowing.

5.      Safety Cars

The safety car had to be deployed in China after mistakes by Pierre Gasly, and the Red Bull team was allowed to change tyres. Vettel beat Hamilton during the safety car period and triumphed over the Mercedes driver.

With all the upsets and exciting escapades in China, these are the five takeaway moments. We look forward to many more surprises as we move on in the racing season!