Kratom is an extract from the Asian plant called Mitragyna, belonging to the family Rubiaceae. The very same tree, despite the fact that it has spread to other parts of the Earth, a native of Thailand. For the most part, Kratom grows in the southern and central parts of the country, at least – in the north.

This family is common in sub-tropical regions of Africa and Asia. It should be noted that it consists of a large number of different species, by the way, it refers to the coffee tree. The tree itself is typically reaches a height of 15 m. And width of 45 cm. The plant is evergreen, but sometimes throws leaves them to grow again in other places. A new leaves grow back very quickly. To date, Kratom was discovered more than 25 alkaloids. The strongest consist of three indoles and two oksindolov. Vazhnym point is that mitragynine and indoles paynantin are unique, that is present only in Kratom, and indole cpetsiogenin exist in other plants. Oxindole Kratom – spetsiofolin and mitrafilin. The main alkaloid Kratom – mitragynine. It was extracted in 1907 by D. Hooper. In the future, this process is repeated scientist E. Field.  You can learn more about kratom here

However, the structure of the alkaloid was completely deciphered only in 1964 by scientists D. Zacharias, R. Rosenstein and E. Jeffrey. At the molecular skeleton of the substance is similar to the alkaloids contained in yohimbe tree and voakagninom. As it turned out, they are close to the tryptamine psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin. The chemical name of the substance – mitragina 9-methoxy-korinanteydin. Another common to Kratom and Madagascar periwinkle indole – is tetragidroalstonin which lowers blood sugar levels and acts as a blocker of alpha-2-adrenergic receptors.

In this undiluted form crystals which begin to conceal at 102-106 0C and boiling – 230-240 0C. The crystals are readily soluble in chloroform, alcohol and acetic acid. In Kratom leaves consist of alkaloids by 0.5%, most of which mitragynine. 20 leaves contain about 17 mg. mitragynine. What very much. In different places of growth, and the season for the nature of the various Kratom alkaloid composition. He has slightly changed every month. Mitragynine Kratom is traditionally used only in Thailand, however, were recorded evidence of its consumption in Malaysia. In addition to the classic titles in Thailand also called Kakuma, Itang, and in some southern regions. Visit here to buy kratom online.