As everyone knows, the brand name Jaguar itself creates a noise in the market and XF is the leading model in the market. This model is one of the best luxury sedan models and is an upgraded version of the existing ones. This model was launched in India in the year 2016. Even now, this model is a dream car for many person because of its dashing look and features.

Specifications of Jaguar XF:

The specification list in both petrol and diesel is mentioned below:

Specifications petrol diesel
Engine 2.0 liter 2.0 liter
Gearbox 8-speed MT & AT 8-speed MT & AT
Power 237bhp and 340 Nm 177bhp and 430 Nm

This car was introduced to Indian market in the year 2016 and still this is the king of the auto market. This car has created a huge impact on the crowd and also this has been added to the list unbeatable collections among the youngsters!

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Jaguar XF Features and Specifications:

The Jaguar car is not just a luxury on exterior, it is also a luxury inside. This car is equipped with the best technology and also is the best automobile to ride. This sedan comes with 5 seats among which, the front seat can be adjusted to many angles to suit the comfort ability of the driver.

The interior of the car is designed to be the luxury chariot for the person riding in it. This is why it is loved everywhere by everyone. Jaguar XF was initially launched for the price Rs.47 lakhs and now Jaguar XF Price ranges from   Rs. 49.5 lakhs to Rs. 62.10 lakhs.

The other features includes Jaguar drive control software pre installed in the car, Rear view camera and many more. The car comes with both manual and automatic transmission which comes in handy whenever needed.


Jaguar is a brand launched in foreign countries initially and then it was brought in to Indian market. Now it is being one of the best brands in India. Jaguar has its own place among the brands and this car still holds its place in the market. This brand has released multiple models and Jaguar XF stands the best on the scale of features, price and also performance.