My ex-wife and I went through a bitter divorce. She ended up with half of my belongings and we really ended things on a bad note. I used to think that she was my soul mate, but I see how wrong I was now. I was devastated and wanted to forget about my ex-wife as much as possible. I remembered an ad I saw for an Las Vegas escort agency and looked at their website. I set up a meeting with one of the escorts for a night on the town that would hopefully help me forget about what I had gone through with my ex-wife and cheer me up.

I met with the escort at one of my favorite restaurants. We talked for a bit before eating dinner, and I mentioned that I had gone through a divorce. She felt bad for me, but she didn’t press the issue any further. Instead, she did her best to make me forget all about it, which I liked. She did a great job of keeping my focus off the past and helped me live in the moment. She was quite funny and had a way with words. She suggested that we try some dancing at a club.

We went to the club and danced around for a couple of hours. I admit that I’m not that great at dancing, but the escort didn’t seem to mind. She just danced along with me and we had fun anyway. After dancing, we went to my home for a more private experience. The night I had with the escort was one of the best nights that I’ve ever had, topping all of the ones that I’ve had with my ex-wife. I was sad that the escort had to leave the next day, but she told me not to hesitate to meet with her again.