For most of my life, I’ve been fat. I was chubby as a kid, became fatter as a teen, and became overweight when I became an adult. I always accepted that I was fat, but I still felt bad when people mentioned my weight. I ate more because of depression, which caused me to get fatter. Eventually I went to a therapist for help with depression and got on a weight loss plan. It took a lot of work, but I shed the fat, and contacted a GFE escort service in Salt Lake County to hire an escort to help me celebrate my new look.

When I told the escort about my problems with weight in the past, she couldn’t believe it because I was in shape now. I was lucky enough that I wasn’t so fat that I needed to have surgery to get rid of any excess skin that would have come from losing weight. I’ve seen many cases like this on television and it always looks weird to me. Surprisingly, none of this encouraged me to lose weight. Since losing weight, I had a lot more mobility, so I wanted to do something with the escort that would reflect that.

The escort and I went out for some club dancing, and the escort was shocked at how great of a dancer I was that night. I never really did a lot of dancing when I was fat because I couldn’t move around that much for a long time. It was nice to be able to do all of the silly moves that people are doing these days. The night with the escort was a fun one, and it gave me some confidence to ask a girl out on a date. She said yes, and we’re going to go dancing soon.