You want ways to care for your floors?  We got ways to care for your floors. These are the tips and techniques that the best companies for flooring services temple tx typically offer to their clientele for ensuring their floors are properly maintained and well-kept. 

Caring for your flooring can make all the difference between having a beautiful floor and having a neglected floor. Hardwood is designed to withstand all kinds of abuse and wear and tear, but only if you do your part. Every type of wood floor needs some level of tender loving care, regardless of the species of wood you’ve installed or the rarity of that wood. 

Without providing even the most basic and fundamental care and maintenance, your floor can start to look dull, aged, and break down earlier than you might normally expect. That can greatly reduce the lifespan of the flooring and leave you with high repair or replacement costs before you know it. 

Cleaning Your Old Wood Flooring

Consider what your floor is made from before you decide on how you plan to clean it. Always read the label of your chosen cleaning product before you apply it to your wood flooring and do your research ahead of any purchase. 

But with most wood floors, you want to avoid using anything abrasive to get the job done. That means no heavy powders and no harsh chemicals, those can do more harm than good by eating away at the finish on your wood and leaving the surface bare and highly vulnerable to even the smallest level of damage. 

A good rule of thumb is to get a cleaner that is formulated specifically for cleaning hardwood. Nothing with ammonia, nothing with oil-based ingredients. 

Routine Maintenance

In order to prevent stains and keep water damage from wrecking your floor, you must be vigilant about picking up any spills or messes that hit your floor. Liquids should be wiped up to keep them from penetrating into the wood and causing damage in the form of warping or discoloration. 

Substances that aren’t liquefied may also cause stains and discoloring in the areas where they sit on the wood for extended periods of time. 

Don’t Forget to Dust and Vacuum

These are both also very important for the care and maintenance of your old hardwood flooring. While homeowners typically expect that a vacuum is important for use on carpets, don’t underestimate its efficacy on keeping your floors in great shape. 

Dusting is also something you should be doing on a regular basis, but always do it before you vacuum, otherwise your floor will bear the brunt of that dust hitting the floor and remaining there. This will dull the look of the wood, so dust and then vacuum.

One word of warning, however, be careful when you do the work. Vacuum cleaners are very good at causing scratches on hardwood and you can easily damage the surface. This can be avoided by using your vacuum cleaner’s special flooring attachment.