Whether you go with a popular option such as vinyl siding or another options like wood or a metal alternative, you need to know what choices are out there. So how do you pick the siding that best fits your home? Let Raleigh’s siding experts give you some easy and effective pointers for going into this decision-making process with all of the knowledge you need for making the right choice. 

You have a wide array of choices but you also have many important factors that need your attention as you choose the siding profile that will make your home look great and last a long time as it safeguards the exterior of your home. 

Regional Weather

For starters, let’s think about what kind of weather you see most often in your neck of the woods. Do you get a lot of precipitation on a regular basis? Perhaps you get little to no precipitation and your regional weather is constant sunlight and high temperatures. Whatever your particular environmental challenges may be for keeping your siding in peak condition for the long-term, choose a profile that will be able to weather the storm, literally. 

Siding Material Choices                                  

While the weather plays a major role in your decision, you should also be careful to think about how much time and effort you want to put into making sure your siding remains in good condition. That means asking yourself which siding material works with your lifestyle. 

Simply put, how often are you really going to want go outside and clean and maintain your siding with the regularity it requires or pay someone to do it? 

When you figure out the answer to these questions, then you can start to think about what type of materials you want to go with for your home. Some of the most popular are vinyl, wood, fiber cement, stone, composite, and shakes, just to name a few. 

The Aesthetics of Your Choice

Now that you know about all of the material options that are available to you and some of the environmental impacts that you need to take into account, you probably have some idea of the siding profile you think will work best for the outside of your house. 

Common sense suggests that the next factor, appearance, is something that goes without saying. You want the right color and accessories that will complement your home nicely. When it comes to selecting the best color, you need to do little more than just examine the outside of the home and how it looks, color and architectural style-wise. 

Your siding is going to take up a lot of your exterior space, so you want to be sure it won’t clash with anything that already exists. This refers to things like your roof, your shutters, any other components on the property like a shed, a guest house, even any fencing or walls that may be present. Even your landscaping plays a part in finding just the right color to match the aesthetics of your property.