When I decided to create my business, I knew that I had the support of a lot of people. I am good at what I do, and people through the years told me that I need to have my own company rather than work for others, making them rich off my talents. When I had a pretty major disagreement with my former boss, I knew that it was finally time to take up the suggestions I had been given through the years. It took me about two months before I needed to look into corporate secretarial services.

I had done all the research necessary to get me up and running as quickly as possible. I knew that having a corporate secretary was needed, and I did even more research on that because this person will play such an important role for the beginning of my business. I had read all about the duties of this office, so I would be better prepared to find the right person. I was thankful that there are companies that hire out this type of person so I would not have to have someone in house to do it.

I also liked that there were different package levels that I could choose from. The lowest rated package was for six months of secretarial services, and the highest package was for four times the length, being two years. There was so much more being offered at this level other than just quadruple the time. I did not want to take any shortcuts, so I chose to go with the highest level of two years of service. I ended up saving a large chunk of money by going this route too, and I have everything covered that is essential. I only wish I had done this much sooner because being my own boss really is the best way for me to move forward!