My wife and I stopped by a manufactured home place one day when we went out for ice cream. These new homes had bathrooms that were ten times better looking and more functional than ours. I saw one with a huge shower enclosure that was made of acrylic panels as clear as glass. It had chrome hardware and shined like a diamond in that big bathroom. The shower was almost big enough to to park a motorcycle in. So, when we got home, I started looking for shower doors in Morris County NJ to have our bathroom completely redone at home.

Our home is nice, but the bathroom certainly needed a do-over. The main bathroom still had the toilet, sink and tub from the previous owner who thought that mauve would be a good color for bathroom appliances. We sort of tolerated it over the years, but trying to come up with a nice decorative theme for the bathroom was difficult. I think that everything should be white as far as tubs, showers and toilets go in bathrooms. That way you can paint the walls and decorate with colors that you like. And those colors you like may change over time. I see that grays are very popular right now. However, who knows what may be trending in bathroom decor a few years from now.

I feel sorry for those who have pink toilets, sinks and bathtubs. If they actually like the color, they probably have a shag rug in there too. I’m just kidding around, but in all seriousness our bathroom really needed a makeover. I found the perfect place to get our bathroom out of the 1980s when I called a place that specializes in shower doors in Morris County NJ. We are very happy with the new look. No more mauve! And we got the giant shower enclosure, but I’m not parking my motorcycle in it.