Five Ways to Save Money on A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling in Richmond VA doesn’t need to be expensive. We have a whole range of affordable kitchen remodeling tips to help you give that outdated and old kitchen a whole new lease on life. Perhaps you are planning on reselling the home or you’ve been living there for two or three decades and you need a new whole appearance. 

1. Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Most remodeling projects start (and often stop) here because it’s your cabinetry that takes up so much real estate in your kitchen. Some homeowners will spend a majority of their budget on this one component of the kitchen but you don’t have to put so much of your resources towards beautifying your home in this manner. 

You have a few options for remodeling your cabinets. You can go with one of those one-size-fits-all, ready to assemble cabinets that you choose from a catalog at your …

Remodeling Your Kitchen: Choosing the Right Cabinets

When you are remodeling your kitchen, choosing kitchen cabinets is one of your most important decisions. What kind of cabinets do you want to put in? Are you going to keep your current cabinets or purchase a whole new set of replacements? If you keep the current ones do you hire a cabinet refinishing company to give them a whole new lease on life or do you do the work yourself? 

So many questions and you haven’t even gotten to any of the other components of your kitchen yet. You see how this can be a lot to deal with in such a small period of time! These are questions that you need to answer with a lot of factors to consider for two big reasons. The first, of course, is that you are putting in these new cabinets to give your kitchen a whole new look. This is the …